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This business is licensed by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services, License # 11000123338. We are also licensed by the state of New Jersey.

Michael Connolly, President and CEO

Mr. Michael Connolly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cadre Investigative Consultants PI, LLC; is a licensed insured, and bonded investigative agency. Mr. Connolly has worked in the investigative field for over 27 years, and has served in a wide variety of locations and assignments.

A former member of the New York City Police Department, Mr. Connolly, who retired in 2005 after an exemplary career combines experience, dedication, and attention to detail. These attributes, coupled with extensive investigative technique have proven a recipe for success.

The majority of Mr. Connolly’s career has been spent in investigative assignments, serving in numerous divisions and bureaus. Among them, the Robbery and Homicide Squad, as well as a Federal Gun Task Force formed to combat gun violence, which required extreme vigilance and extensive analytical proficiency.

While working in these assignments, Mr. Connolly earned a great deal of recognition within the prosecutorial arena, among them; the various District Attorney offices within the City of New York, as well as within the Federal Court system of the Southern District of New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Connolly has afforded himself the full training offered by the NYPD; receiving extensive training in Criminal and Homicide investigations. Robbery, Sex Crimes, Surveillance, and the protection of dignitaries. While detailed to the Executive Protection Division, Mr. Connolly was a member of numerous teams assigned to protect high threat level dignitaries including, but not limited to: President Clinton, President H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush, Fidel Castro, Hamid Karzai, and numerous others who made routine stops in the New York City metropolitan area.

His commitment to law enforcement and impressive career within various investigative assignments along with his determination, perseverance, and commitment to excellence has made him a practicable member of the private investigation community. His achievements have earned him a place as one of the quintessential members in the field.

Since retirement, Mr Connolly has accepted the challenges that the private sector has to offer, and is proud to have triumphed, chiefly as the founder and proprietor of Cadre investigative Consultants PI, LLC. Mr. Connolly and his extensive network of security professionals provide a wide array of investigative products; Executive Protection, Surveillance; as well as crime prevention tactics and training options. Cadre Investigative Consultants PI, LLC can accomplish all of your investigative and security related concerns.

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